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Bed and breakfast San Gimignano Italy -Casolar del Pellegrino b&b San Gimignano Via Francigena Italy


in San Gimignano is not only a


, but it is also a gathering place, which offers a

unique experience

for relations, and meetings in one of the most beautiful scenery of



After all, Casolar del Pellegrino is located only 500 meters far from the

historic center

of San Gimignano and 7 minutes on foot from the historical door of San Giovanni.


B&B San Gimignano
It is a real ode to History and Culture! Bed and Breakfast Casolar del Pellegrino was built in 1820. Despite modern renovations, it still keeps the ancient charm and beauty, which is typical of old rural villas, and unique atmosphere of peace and serenity.
B&B San Gimignano
Moreover, Casolar del Pellegrino was built on the pilgrim route of Via Francigena. Here humble pilgrims and famous Roman heroes had walked for centuries, and still todays it is an important trekking path both for religious people and travelers.
B&B San Gimignano
Conviviality, union, and sharing are the main values for us of Casolar del Pellegrino. We offer hospitality for everybody. We are fluent in different languages; Italian, Spanish and English.

B&B San Gimignano

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